You Put What Into Storage?

You Put What Into Storage?
by Rob Shorten

Self storage customers usually put furniture and household items into store. Some store their boats or RV’s. Most use storage when they move house or relocate. Increasingly businesses realise that self storage offers a cheaper way to store archives and stock. This is how most people use storage.

Every now and then, more unusual items are put into storage. It might be a little secret that just can’t be stored at home. Here are some examples of the weirder things that end up in storage.

1. Randy, a beloved Golden Retriever had along and happy life playing with his owners children and enjoying long walks along the beach. And once his mortal days had ended, Randy continued to live in the family home following a visit to a taxidermist. Whilst not as energetic as in the past his presence still brought happiness to the family. Soon the children left home and so did the lady of the house. Wife number 2 never appreciated Randy’s charms and her cat soon began to ruffle his fur. So Randy moved into a storage room along with his best toys. Here he stays, visited regularly by his loving owner. The staff at the storage centre agreed to ignore the “no pets” rule in Randy’s case.

2. Few storage facilities can boast the presence of aliens bent on World domination. A lone Dalek, the enemy of Dr Who uses a London storage centre to contrive his evil plans. Is he working alone or is he a scout for a future raid by an army of Daleks? His human owner bought him, but soon realised his had no room for him at home. So he now visits his Dalek and whizzes around the long corridors of the storage building. Other customers appear to be reassured by this impressive display of security.

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3. The family of a recently deceased man got something of a shock when they opened his storage unit. Apparently this dear old man had spent his life collecting vinyl records and amassed a collection that required a storage room. Imagine the family’s surprise when they opened the room and not one record was stored inside. Instead they were confronted with a large collection of interesting black leather wear. Much of it had zips in strange places and shared the room with an extensive whip collection and other items for playful experiences. No wonder a storage unit was needed to house this collection!

4. One man’s interest in ladies shoes has led him to need storage for his ever expanding collection. Box after box of pristine high heeled designer shoes are carefully stored in his unit. Twice he’s needed to move into a larger room. Each room is carefully shelved and each new pair is carefully placed in its new home. He pays his bills on time and takes more space, almost an ideal customer.

5. Every storage centre appears to be home to collections of adult glossy magazines. Most are quite small and are amongst other household storage, but every now and then stories emerge of vast collections filling good sized rooms. I wonder why they are not kept at home!

6. Would you believe one person chose to store dust from his ancestral home. On breathing in the dust, the musty smell brought floods of childhood memories back. His room was crammed with other mementos, but it was the dust that really worked the magic.

7. Just occasionally someone will try to store themselves. The cool steel storage room proves to be an attractive affordable home. Who cares if there’s no lighting, power, toilets or windows? The only problem is it’s illegal.

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