Personal Survival – Can You Deal With Panic?

Personal Survival - Can You Deal With Panic?
by G. E. Rouse

Looking back on the first emergency situations I ever dealt with, I was always amazed at how the brain would start to racing no matter what you did.

We live our lives in a modern society where we know many points of reference and can almost always find help. There’s cell phones, street signs, people, buildings, and all kinds of landmarks.

But in an emergency, what if you can’t find a familiar point of reference or there’s no help to be found. Research shows whenever an individual is placed in a survival situation our basic fears begin to kick in (i.e. fear of death, dark, unknown, injury, animals, etc) and this results in PANIC.

Panic is controlled by using the STOP acronym. Let’s take a look:

The S T O P acronym:

S – Sit

T – Think

O – Observe

P – Plan

When panic begins to set in the first thing to do is sit down. Most people have a tendency to run or hurry, which usually results in more trouble.

Step two is to think, not panic, use your head and think. Next, observe and look at all angles. Often just by observing you can see many things other people will miss. When people panic they develop tunnel vision, your goal is to avoid this.

Finally, with your wits about you make a plan to deal with the situation in the best possible way.

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