Choosing Outdoor Furniture Covers

by Brad Jensen

are a really good idea if you want to safeguard your investment in . Whether you live in the northern climes and need to protect you furniture from the salt and snow or in a tropical country and need to protect your patio furniture from a blazing sun, a small investment in covers is well worth it.

Outdoor furniture covers are as varied as patio furniture. The types of furniture that benefit most from furniture covers are certain types of wooden furniture and painted metal furniture. Without quality protection both of these types of furniture can be aged very quickly by the elements. Even cedar which fades to a beautiful silvery color over time can benefit from a bit of protection.

When you go shopping for outdoor furniture covers, you initially need to decide how often you will use the covers. It isn’t always necessary to use the covers every day or even every week. In some areas of the world it might be necessary to use the covers every other day, in other areas of the world you might only use the covers once every few weeks perhaps when you are out of town. In other areas of the world, you might use outdoor furniture covers once per year in preparation for winter. If you only intend to use the covers once in the autumn then the ease by which they are fastened is moderately unimportant.

If you live in the tropics, you will likely have wooden patio furniture. The hot tropical sun can remove a layer of varnish in less than one year. In these areas I recommend covering your patio furniture any time that you think you might not use it for 2 or 3 days. It is also very helpful if you pulled your tables and chairs etc into an area where they are most protected by the shade. I realize it is impossible to protect your furniture from all the sunlight but a little effort will go a long way in preserving your belongings.

If you live in northern Europe, or Canada or the northern US, then you do not need to worry about the sun’s harmful UV rays. In these northern locales, the furniture need only be seriously protected during the harsh winter months. The particular types of covers needed for harsh winter protection need to be very durable so they can withstand snow and/or freezing rain.

As we all know, particular materials are tougher than others and you should take heed of this information when outdoor furniture covers. Tarpaulins of all makes are likely the toughest materials around. Awful looking tarps will be replaced by a lovely layer of snow soon enough. Although considerably unattractive these tarps might be the most practical for covering up your patio furniture during the winter months.

There are a few different things to consider when choosing something suitable for your new outdoor furniture covers. If you carefully consider the number of times per season you will actually use the covers then you will be able to choose the covers best for your family.

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