How to Build a Garage With a Steel Building

by Amy Nutt

Are you a do-it-yourselfer? Have you been thinking about adding value and storage to your property by installing a ? Well, you may want to consider building a with a building plan. A building is both an attractive and economical way to create a storage garage on your property. buildings can safely store anything from simple garden tools to large recreational vehicles. If you are planning on using the garage for commercial purposes, a building is a great way to do this and easily meet local building codes while sticking to an affordable budget for your company. buildings are much more structurally sound than wood buildings, cost less to build and take less time to raise generally. They can withstand extreme weather conditions like wind, heat and precipitation; even hurricanes are no match for a well-built garage. garages can be fully customized to meet any purpose and are expandable as your needs change over time. And as far as maintenance goes, you cant beat the easy maintenance that a building provides.

So now that youve decided to go with a steel building plan to create your garage, here is how to build your garage with a steel building.

The foundation

Before you consider adding a steel building to your property, you need to prepare the foundation for the garage. Find or create a level surface thats large enough for your garage, in a convenient location thats easily accessible, and far enough away from other structures or possible problem areas such as water or power lines. Then create a “floating concrete” foundation with footings for each post to be installed. If you are buying a pre-fabricated steel building, these plans can be provided to you in advance of delivery of materials.

The framework

Assemble the interior frame structure or arches for the steel building. You may want to do this in an area nearby with the help of another person or have a contractor on hand to assist. Following all plans for the building, make sure that all joints and beams are matched up correctly and that the proper sealants are added to reduce leakage from rainwater. If something isnt cut right, get help from the manufacturer before proceeding to reduce the chances of an unsafe structure.

Raising the structure

For many builders, this can be the most precarious of the processes for getting the building into place. You may need several people to help raise the building components or specialized crane equipment to do so, depending on the size and weight of the materials. Follow the instructions and set the structure carefully onto the foundation, securing all posts into footings. Allow this structure to settle for at least a day before proceeding to the remainder of the building. Then recheck for any loose fittings and add poured concrete into the footings to secure the building.

Finishing touches

This is the final step in the building of your steel garage. Once the steel building is in place, its time to add the end walls, any gutters or roof supports and doors and windows. This will add to the beauty of the building and ensure that it looks and functions well for your needs. Internal components like lights, fans, electrical wiring and outlets should be installed by a qualified electrician.

Once you get your garage into place, you will be amazed at how quickly this process went and how great it looks when finished. Remember, you can always add onto the main structure of your steel building at any time and increase its usefulness with many add-ons like lights, doors, windows and other components.

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