How To Design Perfectly Sized Closets

by Barbara Kate

Are you building a new and trying to figure out how much storage space you really need? think we can all agree that you can never have enough storage space. But when it actually comes time to finalize the square footage, you might find yourself leaning more towards enlarging the living spaces, and shrinking all the non-living space such as and hallways.

Before you make your decision about the final square footage that you require or are prepared to allocate to your closets, you might want to think about some of the factors that go into designing the perfect closet. This will mean deciding what the closet will be for, and also figuring out what an appropriate size for those storage spaces actually is.

Closets used to be just tiny little rooms with a single door, a hanging rod and a single shelf – no fancy stacked hangers or pull out shelves or compartments. The basic closet was functional, but not always convenient. And since it was given such a low priority in comparison to living space, older houses are often not equipped with as much storage space as we typically would like these days. When you have the chance to your closets from scratch, you might want to consider larger spaces, which means you need to figure out what makes a good for a larger storage space

Whether you decide that you need a lot of big storage spaces or fewer small storage spaces, the answer inevitably will be determined by a few factors – how much can I afford (remember to add the cost of the closet organizer systems on top of the square footage cost), and do I have the room to allocate to that amount of storage versus living space. Remember that bigger isn’t always better – there is the added expense of outfitting the space with organizer systems, but more importantly, the danger of extra clutter just because you have extra room could be a concern.

If you decide that a walk-in is not required or not in the budget, then you will want to make sure that the reach in closet is actually big enough for the purpose you have set out. In addition an important consideration is the size of the closet opening. Having a large reach in closet with a small door often ends up in creating hard to reach unusable space.

When you are designing your storage spaces, lighting is often the last thing people consider. Just remember, if you can’t see where you are putting your things, or you aren’t able to see things when you are looking for them, then it almost negates the value of that extra storage space. Make sure that shelving or stored objects don’t block light from getting to other shelves, and keep in mind where you will be when you are looking for things, and you yourself don’t block the light.

Ultimately you need to design the closet organizer system itself. There are a ton of options these days with respect to closet shelving systems, and you have endless options for components which fit together and function as a whole to create a perfect storage system for your items. You need to consider the items you have to store, and choose a system that lets you access each item without disturbing the other things you have in your closet.

Remember that designing your closet to maximize the amount of stuff that you can store is important, but if you cram too much stuff into your closets, then the effectiveness is minimized if you can’t actually quickly find what you are looking for, or there isn’t a good spot to put the items you are trying to put away. Make sure the organizer system you choose has enough compartments or drawers or shelves to easily store everything you are storing.

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