Basic Information Concerning Wall Mirrors

Basic Information Concerning Wall Mirrors
by William Mann

When it comes to definition, a mirror is simply an object whose surface is smooth enough to allow a reflection of an image. That means that a mirror need not be necessarily made of glass but glass forms the bulk of mirrors because it offers the best reflective surfaces of all the smooth substances. Mirrors however, we not always made of glass.

Turkish iron and stone-smiths worked on crude reflective substances made of stones such as obsidian which is derived from volcanic ash. Later on, tribes from Central America, namely the Mayan tribes who dwelt in the Amazon and Mexican peninsula experimented with copper as a reflective substance and used it as a mirror. This technology later moved to the Middle East and then the Roman Empire adopted it to create mirrors which were used in the halls of the senate.

Mirrors today are made by processing sand together with special chemicals and heating it in special ovens which are then cooled to form the glass that we are so familiar with today. Bronze can also be processed to make mirrors using special equipment.

Wall mirrors now adorn many homes. They can be found in the bathroom where people use them to groom themselves. There is hardly any bathroom nowadays that does not spot a wall mirror.

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Many homes, apartments and condominiums now have mirrors. They do not just feature in the bathroom or rest area but also in areas such as the living room and bedrooms. Mirrors in the living room are also becoming very common. This can be for beauty purposes and also to accentuate the look and feel of the said room. In many homes, it is not unusual to see entire walls consisting totally of glass mirrors. These create the impressive reflective illusions that sometimes make the room appear larger than it really is.

Taking care of wall mirrors is important. This is because mirrors tend to pick up stains along the way. The cleaner the mirror then the better the reflection and the more accurate it is able to portray an image back to you.

Today’s mirrors respond well to regular cleaning agents. These agents can be purchased in any pharmacy, convenient store or department store. Windex is a good example of an agent that is regarded as the best in the cleaning industry. For a mirror to perform at its best, maintenance is extremely important.

Mirrors are essentially here to stay. There is hardly a bathroom that we visit nowadays that does not have a wall mirror somewhere. This is because the mirrors serve well for grooming purpises and also for decorative purposes. Since they also have reflective qualities, they also can be ideal energy-savers.

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