Storage Cube Innovative Uses

by Steve Cubric

It has been measured that productivity decreases with every increase in clutter. This also leads to the loss of millions of dollars in lost business. No home or business is spared this epidemic. The issue is how well we manage the chaos.

Ofices have to deal with a lot of paperwork, stationary, office equipment and more on a daily basis. This can quickly spiral out of control and form clutter which is a tough challenge. Homes also have to deal with clutter. This is especially the case if there are children.There are CDs, CD covers, magazines, books, unworn clothes, shoes and much more. Many of these items are simply left lying around or thrown into the garage where they have to compete for space with motor vehicles. The definite answer is cubes. This is one of the best ways of reducing clutter and keeping a home or office well organized.

are effective in holding files and folders. Cabinets have been serving this purpose for a pretty long time as they help in systematic storage and retrieval. Then the cubes were discovered. Cubes, which are made of plastic, are in much demand as they are lighter and easier to maintain. They can be carried from one place to another. They can be moved away when a room cleaning is inn order. They are useful for storing a whole plethora of things like pens, pencils, erasers, punching machines, staplers, folders, books etc.

Since storage cubes are very flexible, one can get as many as they want. They can also be stored inside a cabinet as well since they do not occupy a lot of space. Being lighter than wooded or metallic filing cabinets, they can be moved in and out of rooms easily. One of their great advantages also accrues from the fact that they make a room look tidy. This is because they can be stacked over one another or placed side by side.

Storage cubes are easily one of the most innovative ways of storing items. There is literally no limit to what you can store. This can include clothes,accessories, shoes, CDs or magazines. Anything that needs to be tacked away and out of sight can be stored in storage boxes.

The cubes can be small and also come in diverse sizes. They can also be used to store items of value such as jewellery and documents. Then they themselves can be tacked away inside or outside of the house. On some occassions, they can be used to store garden equipment. Many times they are also used to stash things like underwear, socks, t-shirts and other intimates like nail polish and eyeliner. This makes them very convenient.

Another good thing about storage cubes is that you can purchase them after your home and office is already set up or before. Either way, you could buy them to suit your dйcor. They do not jar with the environment and easily fit in. Storage cubes could be placed anywhere but do not look out of place.

In the kids room, the cubes can be used to store away toys. They can also hold children’s books and stationery. In the kids bathroom they can store toothbrushes and combs. The limit really is one’s imagination.

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