Easy Kiddie Cowboy Decorating Ideas – Under $50

Easy Kiddie Cowboy Decorating Ideas - Under $50

Every since the days of the Saturday cowboy matin?es during the 1930’s and 40’s there has been a special bond between kids and cowboys. Children just love to play at being a cowboy or cowgirl. If you have a tiny cowpoke in your family then you might want to look at some ways to redo their room with a western accent.

Instead of buying western furniture, bedding and curtains you could dress up those walls a bit. Here is an inexpensive secret used by many interior decorators. One of the quickest, cheapest and most dramatic ways to redecorate a room is with wallpaper borders. These simple and economical narrow strips of wallpaper will add a dazzling splash color and a theme to an otherwise dull and lifeless room. Nothing will say “a cowboy kid lives here” better than a western themed wallpaper border. Boots, hats, bandannas, horses, spurs and lassos are just a few of the fun cowboy and western decorations that you can find on wallpaper borders to spruce up your child’s room.

One thing that attracts people to cowboy borderLearn Interior Decoratings is that installation is a snap. This is because you are working with a lot less material than you would be with a large roll of traditional wallpaper. Also, lining up the patterns is often the biggest problem and time consuming with traditional paper. But with borders, you are working with a strip of paper often less than a foot wide. Matching patterns is a snap!

Wallpaper borders are different from regular wallpaper in their size and the way in which they are installed. Regular rolls of wallpaper average 21″ wide and are 20-30′ long. Since they are applied vertically from the ceiling to the floor it will usually take eight to sixteen rolls to cover a child’s room. However, wallpaper borders are hung horizontally. A standard wallpaper border might be 20 or 30 feet wide but only 6 to 9 inches in height. Most rooms will only require two to four rolls to completely remodel them. It is easy to see where the savings are.

Some wallpaper borders require wallpaper paste, others have the adhesive already on the back and you only have to wet them to trigger the bonding agent. To affix wallpaper borders, you will need to have all of the same tools you would normally use for traditional wallpaper. A razor knife, a smoothing brush, a paintbrush and a broad knife. You will also need a measuring tape, a stepladder, a sponge and a water bucket. It also helps to have a large table that serves as a work platform.

Sometimes, it can be a real struggle to find a good collection of cowboy wallpaper borders. This task can become even more daunting if you are trying to do it on a tight budget. However, YOU can look over hundreds of cowboy themed borders, wallpapers and murals, at surplus and closeout prices, just by following this link to discount western wallpaper borders.

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