House Plants for Apartments in All Sizes

House Plants for Apartments in All Sizes
by Thomas Fryd

Living in an apartment anywhere, you don’t have room for a big garden outdoors but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy indoor plants in the rooms you spend most of your time in.

Gardening is available and possible for those who live in small apartments and in large apartments alike. You can have indoor plants near any window, in the kitchen, or in the living areas. You can even have moisture loving plants in the bathroom if you would like. if you don’t have a lot of space on counters or on the window sills you can also use tables, or you can use hanging planters to make the most of your space. Don’t forget the top of the fridge, there is room there in the kitchen for plants too!

Plants can live in just about any room of the apartment

No matter what type of apartment you have, you will find there are plants that will love your areas. If you have a very dry home, desert loving plants will love to be in your space. If you live near the ocean, think aquatic plants that don’t have a problem with moisture in the air. When you live in an area where there is snow in the winter and long hot summers, think about plants that like the air to be about 50 – 85 degrees for your home.

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If you are comfortable, often times the plant is too going to be comfortable in the surroundings. Learn more about the types of plants you want in your home by researching specific types online. Read up what the plant needs to survive, thrive and to grow the white bird of paradise is a great choice.

When using indoor plants to add to the dcor of your apartment, you can also think about adding flowers that are made of silk or that are dried to the pot. While this is going to add color, you don’t have to worry about additional light or pollination needs of the plant. Small amounts of dried plants and flowers are also known for providing additional fragrance in the home, such as eucalyptus in a potted plant, the aroma is a very clean but strong smell that you might just love. Lavender is another fragrance that dried flowers are known to provide in the home.

Living in an apartment, you can place indoor plants on outdoor ledges during the summer months. Or you might want to consider putting your indoor plants out in planters that hang from the windows. Indoor plants do not have to be put outdoors at all in the summer months, but these are just suggestions that some people enjoy.

Place plants on tables in your bedroom, in the living room, or in hallways. You can use counter space in the kitchen or in the bathroom for plants, and you can use various tops of appliances or even televisions for placement of indoor plants for your apartment.

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