All About Focal Points: How To Create A Stand-out Piece

All About Focal Points: How To Create A Stand-out Piece
by Beau Tribione

An important guideline in decorating is to have a focal point, a major piece of decorative item. This is the first thing you see as you enter the room. You can either decorate entirely based on this piece or accent it with other decorations to highlight it even more.

There are some furnishings that without effort can be an instant focal point. A perfect example is the fireplace. It becomes an automatic center of attention even without any work done. For more appeal however, add items that will complement it. Examples are artworks, souvenir items and collectibles hanged above or placed on top of the fireplace.

The bed is an instant focal point in the bedroom. A fireplace in the bedroom creates a dual focal point, either one becoming a secondary showpiece to the other. To draw attention to one item, it must in a way overshadow the other perhaps in color, design or accessories. If you want the bed to be the focal point, use beddings in an appealing color, fabric or design. If it’s the fireplace, decorate it with an artwork, framed photographs or other eye-catching objects. A soft blazing fire is in itself an attraction magnet, but if the fireplace is down, accessories can do the job.

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The living room is perhaps the most decorated room in a house. Because of its role as the receiving area and a public space in the house, the living room must be attractive. You would want to create a good impression, wouldn’t you? This can make creating a focal point quite confusing. Picking out the right one is crucial. So, which piece should be the focal item? Most of the time, an impressive entertainment center becomes a hands-down focal point. If the television set is hidden in a cabinet as in the case of most formal living rooms, the sofa set takes its place. However, separate items such as a painting, curtains, lighting fixture or an antique piece can also become a centerpiece.

You can create a focal point in any room. Choose an antique furnishing, or a set of shelves that will show off collectibles. Center this on the main wall show that attention is immediately drawn to it and decorate with your favorite accessories. A painting, quilt or even a window with a nice view can be used as a focal point if it is presented properly. When designing a focal point the most important factor is presentation. Beautiful decor will take you far, but it does not give your focal point the special touch that will ensure everyone takes notice. One way to add this touch is to add an area rug.

Placing an area rug with the focal point can immediately highlight its features, especially if the colors match or the designs complement each other. Similarly, an area rug can be your own focal item. Find a rug with bold prints and color and you have your pick. It can capture attention and make a room more appealing.

Focal point is a great way to make any room look more beautiful. Together with other furnishings and accessories, a room will look very put together.

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