Are Marble Tiles Better Than Ceramic Tiles?

by William Wiltord

Your home kitchen and bathroom, are also one of the main selling factors when people come to look around your home with a view to buying it. This fact is more relevant today than ever because of the falling house prices. This means buyers are looking for more than just the ordinary.

Remodeling your bathroom or kitchen with wall adds value to the home. It also does something else; it makes the home attractive and more presentable. Researchers state that this helps with peace of mind and relaxation for the home owners.

are an excellent and inexpensive way of giving your home a total makeover. The bathroom and kitchen are especially prone to dirt and water-related issues. Tiles take care of these issues easily. This is because they contribute to the hygiene of the home by being easy to clean. Using has been known to improve the condition of the walls not to mention give them a luxurious feel.

There are many choices of wall tiles. This is good because different people have different tastes. Sometimes it can be hard to determine exactly what one needs. Tiles come in different types but the most prevalent are , porcelain, glass and .

The most common materials due to there manufacturing costs are porcelain and ceramics these are available in a huge array of designs, colors, patterns and textures. This is why it can be very hard to choose which tile to use in the particular room.

There are other options available other than the man made wall tiles. These include natural products that are available such as slate, stone and marble. This have the effect of giving the room a feel of nature and the great outdoors.

There are a number of made made tiles that have been designed to look like the more natural products, but some how they just don’t look and feel the same with depth of color and feeling of warmth. Although the natural type of wall tiles are a little more costly but you could potentially get the cost back from using them in the value that they would add to your home.

Marble in particular is a great finish for your walls due to it’s overall appearance and the effect it can have on the area. With it’s wide array of patterns and colours the possibilities are endless. The reason for the visual aspects of marble are due to how it is formed. Starting out as limestone which is as you know is a soft material it undergoes a chemical change which make it harder while still remaining flexible to a point.

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