Opaque Window Film

Opaque Window Film

How do you make a window glass opaque? There are many ways how you can make your glass window opaque. In the past, to make your window opaque, you would have to either replace it with a frosted glass or you completely tint it using window tinting. The other way is to use spray. Now, many home owners make their window opaque by going for opaque window glass film.

The most popular types of window films that can be used to make your window opaque is using the frosted window film. They block off unwanted view while at the same time, allow light to come in. This way, you do not need to turn on your light all the time. If you would just prefer semi-opaque window, then just use the Lite Frost version.

There are plenty of patterns and designs that you can choose from when selecting your window glass films. Glass block pattern is a popular choice. They consists of a series of octagonal shape glass block shapes. Another type of pattern that you can consider are those that consists of flora and fauna. They are excellent on glass doors that lead out to a garden.

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One common reasons for making glass opaque is for the purpose of adding privacy to a room. Etched glass films work very nice for glass doors. You are not limited to etched glass films, though. Using stained glass films are also another creative way to add privacy and at the same time add some decorative elements.

There is another advantage of using window film. Most of these films are UV-rated and heat resistance, so they can help to filter out both UV ray and keep heat out of the house. The films can also withstand both heat and moisture and this make them excellent choice for bathroom windows and shower doors.

You can get glass window opaque films in the form of adhesive-free and adhesive-based type. We would suggest that you buy adhesive-free window film and the reasons will be obvious once you have started using them. They are not only convenient and very easy to install, they are easy to remove too.

Most of the times, it takes less than 15 minutes to install an adhesive-free window films on a small window pane if you are working alone. For a larger piece of glass window, you may want to work in a team of 2 persons, and it will take less than 30 minutes.

When it comes to time to redecorate your glass windows, simply peel off the window films. Many opaque window glass films can be kept in storage or can be recycled on other window films. This is another advantage of using adhesive-free window films.

Stained glass window films are also very popular choice among home owners to make their glass window opaque. When working with stained glass films, ensure that you do not install them on too many windows, otherwise, it will make your house look like a religious building.

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