Orchid Growing Tips – Orchid Growing For The Novice

Orchid Growing Tips - Orchid Growing For The Novice

It can be difficult to grow orchids properly if you don’t know what you’re doing. Gardeners should know a few things before they try to grow an orchid. Some of the tips focus on proper watering, temperature, fertilizer, and light. Here are a few tips about how to care for orchids.


Orchids require proper lighting, so you’ll need to know how much they need. Your orchid should have bright green leaves. If your orchid has dark green leaves, it means you aren’t providing enough light for it. If they are reddish green, they are getting too much light. Species like phalaenopsis and paphiopedilums should have less light. It’s best to place them in a window facing northeast. If one isn’t available, you should at least move it farther away from the window.


Proper temperature is one of the next orchid growing tips|You also need to know the heating requirements of these plants. The ideal temperature for most species of orchids is between 60 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. During the fall, some species require a cooling period in order to grow their flowers. Therefore, it’s best that you know which orchid species you’re growing.


Giving the right amount of fertilizer is also important when learning about proper care for orchids. You should try to give you plant fertilizer once a month. If you don’t use enough fertilizer, it may stunt your plant’s growth and possibly inhibit flowers from growing. If you use too much fertilizer, you may burn the roots and leaves and also inhibit flowering.


Watering is also important when growing orchids. The amount of water your plant needs depends on a few factors. They include temperature, season, and species of orchid. In general, you should water them every 10 days or so. Giving your orchid too much water will likely kill the roots.

These are a few orchid growing tips that you should know. You can easily kill the roots, so make sure you don’t overwater the plant. It’s also important not to apply too much fertilizer, or you could also cause damage to the roots. Try to keep the temperature between 60 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

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