Tips For Jewel Orchid Care

Tips For Jewel Orchid Care

Gardeners enjoy growing Jewel orchids because of their elegant leaves. Their foliage is valued more than their flowers. There are many things beginners need to learn about how to take care of orchids. Here are a few tips on caring for these orchids.


It’s important to provide Jewels with plenty of humidity. It’s important that you mist them frequently. It’s best that they’re kept evenly moist. With all of this humidity present, it’s very important to make sure there is plenty of air circulation. Fungus may infect your plant without proper air circulation.


These plants need plenty of humidity. When growing a Jewel indoors, you really need to monitor the humidity. Humidity will be reduced whenever you run your air conditioner or heater.


These plants naturally grow in lowly lighted areas. It’s best to provide medium to low lighting. Never expose the plant to bright light or strong sunshine. You can simply use incandescent or fluorescent lights to provide the right amount of light.


During growth, you need to feed these plants lightly. These plants grow fully from Spring until early Fall. During full growth, apply fertilizer twice a month. These plants are sensitive to salt buildup. Therefore, it’s vital that you give clear waterings between feedings. Once a month feeding is fine from fall until the beginning of Spring. It’s best to use a fertilizer that has micronutrients. This not only provides support for the flowers, but also increases strength for new growth.


It’s usually best to provide a warm environment for your Jewel orchid. However, some species prefer a cooler temperature. It’s usually best to keep the temperature between 75 and 85 in the daytime. These plants usually prefer nighttime temperatures between 55 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Never expose Jewels to temperatures below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. The maximum temperature is 100 degrees.

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