The Basics of Solar Panel Construction

The Basics of Solar Panel Construction
by Brian Bradley

Existing instructions for solar panel construction make it sound much more complicated than it actually is.

The fact is that constructing solar panels yourself is not difficult unless you do not have an understanding of what you are trying to do and a concise plan to do it.

I have covered it with minute details in my article on how we should create solar panels, but I am giving you a quick overview to show you how easy the process is:

1. First, decide if you actually need to construct your own panel. You might have an easier time of it if you just find one that someone else is throwing out or needs to give away – and that could solve your problems quickly.

2. If you want to do it anyway, here’s the quick-start guide:

It might be tempting to do away with monthly electric expenses altogether by constructing your own solar panels, but I suggest you postpone that goal with this first undertaking.

Start with small steps and work up to larger projects. Begin with a 40 or 50-cell panel and evaluate your results. Also determine the feasibility of taking on further solar panel projects.

Here’s how you can get started right away:

Do It Yourself Project

At first, collect the required parts like 40 or 50 solar cells from eBay, a few pieces of plywood (cut according to the required length and breadth), tabbing wire, solder and a rosin flux pen.

Next, place the solar cells in series, face-down, and drop a small amount of solder on each tab, one-by-one.

Then, attach wire to the front of one cell from the back of another until all these cells are joined with wire. Take care with this part; it may be awkward at first, but it is not difficult.

Then, connect each row of solar cells together in parallel form, and attach the cells to the wood using silicone.

Lastly, you need to drill holes for the wiring from the solar cells, both positive and negative. They have to be connected to the inverter before you connect to your electric box.

If you feel a little uneasy with the last step you should call the electrician or the power company, both of whom could help you in this process. You need to make yourself convinced that you cannot be perfect in the first chance and if you don’t hesitate to call “experts”, it will always prove useful for you.

This is a crash overview but the article can provide you with the basic ideas. Wiring of the solar panels together is the most delicate and troublesome part of this total process. However, the time and practice can make you a master of this art.

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