Cleaning Your Wine Glasses Properly

There is nothing better than relaxing with a nice glass or two of at the end of the day. The experience is somewhat marred however when you’re all done and the need . Dishwashers are not really an option as they can damage the glass and make them go cloudy, so what other options do you have available to you?

Hand cleaning. You could always choose to wash the wine glass by hand in some warm soapy water. This method does technically get the glasses clean but leaves all sorts of unsightly marks and smudges on them, and there is an argument the soap can ruin the taste of the next wine that gets put in the glass. On top of this, the lip of the glass often gets left with a scum rim around the lip if they are left to dry on a rack.

Glass cloth. Those people of like a drink quite often might like to get hold of a special wine glass cleaning cloth. They are very gentle on due to their microfibre make-up, and yet they clean very effectively. A great quality is that unlike most other cloths, they are free from fluff and or fibre shedding. They can also be used on all glasses and dinnerware, and when they get dirty themselves you can stick them in the washing machine and they’ll come out brand new.

Cleaning balls. For wine enthusiasts who like the latest innovations, there is always the option of the amazing cleaning metal ball bearings. These small pellet-sized balls last forever as they are made from high-quality stainless steel. If you place a little bit of water in the glass along with a handful of these balls then swirl them around the glass, they take off all the dirt on the inside of the glass, even in any hard to reach parts. You can then rinse the balls off with water and they are good to go again.

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