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kind is to blame for global warming, there is no doubt about it. We altered the worlds climate and have brought it to a point where it’s crucial that we do something about it and quickly. Entire species of animals are dissapearing faster than we ever thought possible; as time goes by, flooding will affect us in the vast majority of the world, petroleum price is on constant rising, and as a result, entire industries are overturning.

Our world is dying slowly and with today’s scientific awareness and modern science, we are capable of making a big difference. Our sun provides us with light, and we have learned to harness the power of sun rays and convert them into energy. This method has existed for more than 35 years, and we still rely on other sources of energy.

Sun Energy is , it’s effective and it’s cool! It’s been powering satellites orbiting our planet for ever. Why is this technology being used in space but we still can’t manage to approve commercial solar-powered cars and eliminate our addiction to oil. Solar Energy have existed for a long time and the only appliance that has been adopted worldwide is the solar water heater. Now the same companies that create these water heaters are promoting massively all over the world to eliminate household’s dependency on the power grid. Even the government is offering incentives and discounts to own solar energy panels for your home. There’s still a lot of work to do, but it’s a start.

Solar Energy has many advantages, but this greatly depends on the location where the solar system will be mounted. Solar Energy panels work better in hot locations, because solar panels work best at full exposure of the sun. This full exposure ensures the batteries charge to the maximum capacity, so the energy can be used at night, or when the sun is not present.
Solar Energy panels have a life of 30 years on average if proper maintenance is applied every 2 years. Panels need to be cleaned with soft cloths every month to ensure they receive full sun light directly.

Luckily, is changing in 2009. Right now there is a growing market on eco-friendly electronics, appliances, cars, gadgets and even dish soap (some are biodegradable now). New solar energy companies are emerging every month in major cities around the world and the technology is better than ever. The fact is, we have started to make the world a perfect place, by simply doing little changes like using a solar camera charger we can make a big difference in the world. Remember, if we all do a bit, we can do a lot. Search for solar companies in the solar energy directory

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