Energy Security Through Pellets And Fuel Pellet Boilers

Temperature rises and global warming are very serious issues, to combat the issue proactive change needs to take place to change our source of and reduce our consumption. Our current source of is predominantly from fossil fuels, this includes for example oil, gas and coal. By using these fuels however we are compromising air quality and dramatically increasing the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Increased carbon dioxide means increased temperatures due to the green house effect. As the suns enters our atmosphere, a lot of the should bounce of the earth and be sent back into space. Carbon dioxide however reflects this back at the earth. Therefore the more carbon in the atmosphere the more is reflected back at earth and then increased temperatures result. We are now talking the impact of temperature change more seriously, as it impacts on every aspect of our lives, for everyone around the planet. Now the emphasis is on alternative forms, renewable and importantly low carbon forms of . These include wind, solar, wave, geothermal and biomass. Using these forms of are obviously an important factor in challenging climate change, however is also a major benefit to changing our current energy system.

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Due to our increased use of energy, fossil fuels are not as abundant as they once were and a few countries control the main reserves. Issues are occurring between nations that hold the reserves and those that need the energy. Arguments are now more frequent between countries and fossil prices, with gas lines stopped, ever increasing price rises and also in many peoples opinion the cause of resent wars. The longer there is this unstable relationship with energy trading and energy consumption continues to increase, disputes and wars will continue. Therefore we need to adopt renewable energy technologies sooner rather than later to improve global stability. The key advantage with renewable energy technologies are they are mostly in some form or another none location specific, hence the energy can be locally produced.

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Producing energy locally has multiple benefits; these include cheaper energy prices, stable energy prices, economic support in terms of increased employment and economic support in terms more money kept within the local economy. Energy prices will be cheaper as resources are no longer a limited factor and transportation of energy is dramatically reduced. Energy prices will become more stable as local energy production is less influenced by the global economy, political factors and currency exchange rates. Economic support is generated by providing long-term local jobs in the production, processing and distribution of renewable energy.

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