Shopping Paradigm Shift – Ebates Join Free

 Shopping Paradigm Shift - Ebates Join Free

Too many of us have spent our time shopping at our local stores without even thinking or examining how our time and productivity could be better spent. A typical Saturday morning arrives and we hop into our cars/minivans/trucks while firing up our engines (and several hundred horsepower of energy to boot) just to zoom down to the local Kohl's or Barnes & Noble Book store just to make a purchase. We basically travel by going into an "autopilot" mode and arrive at the store by some sort of subconscious transfer service. Half the time we don't even remember how we got there. The cost in gas alone for these shopping episodes is alarming and something to consider. Fuel is climbing again and is now in the mid $2.50 range per gallon. Keep also in mind the depreciation effects on our vehicle's especially when starting and stopping frequently for these small jaunts to the various department stores. Does this approach still make sense for consumers in today's globally starved economic climate? Is there a better more economical way to make purchases?

Let's consider this now from the store owner's perspective. The building that is housing the various products you purchase is a physical structure made of brick and mortar. The owner must pay for the building and all of its employees. Further more there are out the door expenses for insurance, heating/cooling, electricity, taxes, etc.. The owner must also deal with all the people coming into his store along with customer returns and damaged goods. Does this approach still make sense from theResidential Green Building business owner's standpoint? Wouldn't the owner prefer a more profitable business model which would benefit him and the consumer?

Considering all the variables from both the consumer and owner viewpoints it is no surprise that the "Internet" has been the one common denominator or "game changer" which has reshaped business transactions forever. Keep in mind that while the internet has been around for a good period of time it is not going fact it continues to expand here in 2009. In time, brick and mortar store fronts may become a "dinosaur of the past" especially with the all the forthcoming virtual store concepts. What does the business impact of the internet have specifically to do with the consumer?

It means that times have changed, are changing, and will continue to change...we can choose to live and conduct buying habits which are based on old information OR we can base our decisions in real time and current world conditions...thus a "paradigm shift" is needed in changing the way we conduct our purchases.

What do you mean by "paradigm shift" as it relates to this article?

By purchasing most of our products on line we can now get these goods shipped directly to our homes (in most cases for Free), we can get cash back of up to 25% of our purchases in the mail, we can apply online coupons to further enhance our savings, we can save on gas and reduce car depreciation from frequent store trips, we can cut back on pollution, we can gain more time to do other more productive things, we can feel good about having a better strategy for the future and being smarter!

That's what I'm talking about!

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