The Little Torch

by Brad M. Musech

Are you in need of a small lightweight for jewelry or other small items? Then the Little Torch is your best solution. works exceptionally well for materials ranging from 3/16 to especially small wires. This Tiny Torch welds, brazes, heats and solders most small projects and is equipped with 5 tips with more available.

The Little Torch utilizes most pressurized fuel gas and the list includes: acetylene, propanes, propylenes, hydrogens, natural gas as well as mapp with oxygen. These gases may be purchased at a nearby welding supply store. Disposable cylinders can be purchased at most home improvement centers. Keep in mind that even though disposable cylinders are the most portable, they are also the most expensive per cubic foot.

The Little Smith Torch has a wide variety of tips and accessories to purchase. But normally, the kit includes #3 – #7 bent tips with a #2 that is sold separately. Also available are the twin welding tips in sizes #4 thru #6 and are utilized when you need two points of heat on your project.

The Little Torch can be used with many types of regulators. Disposable are the cheapest but not the most accurate. Single stage regulators provide more control of flow and they are used with refillable cylinders.

Smith Little Torch is available in many types of kits ranging from torch only all the way to complete portable kits. The most popular modes are: 23-1001D, 23-1014, 23-1015, 23-1010P and 23-1004A. Each kit is designed for a specific purpose but all have the Smith Little Torch included in each.

Rosebud (multi-flame) tips are used when a larger more widely dispersed flame is needed for brazing, soldering or heating. These multi-flame heating tips have the capacity of casting up to 3 ounces of gold or silver. These tips are also used for enameling and plastics polishing.

The 14014 magnetic torch stand & tip organizer is a handy addition for your Smith Little Torch outfit. Made of a solid metal stand with numbered holes drilled for #2 through #7 tips make storage and removal simple with a twist of the wrist.

A flexible tip extension # 2327-3SP is used for customizing angle and distance from handle. The total length of the extension is 3 inches. It is flexible for greater control.

The Smith Little Torch has a one year warranty from the time of sale from Smith Equipment. Smith Equipment warrants to the purchaser that its product is free from defects in materials and workmanship.

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