Movable Partition Doors

Movable Partition Doors

Movable partition doors are basically movable walls. There are many possible uses for movable walls both in business and home settings. For example, if your company is project-oriented, you may want to be able to shift partitions around when teams dissolve and reform.

If your home contains a large play/party room, you may want to be able to partition it off when not being used for major events, or when you have multiple guests.

As with any major project, if you are considering movable partition doors you must plan ahead, and should consult with a design professional. A design professional will help you narrow your choices from the myriad of available options, and help you select exactly the products that suit your needs.

Firstly, you have to identify the space you want to divide, and figure out how you intend to divide it. As you look at the space, notice features you normally tune out like exposed sprinkler heads, columns, windows, chair rails, or anything else that could interfere with the operation of your mechanical partition doors.

Make certain the partitions are designed so that they can accommodate the activities they are intended for. Will it have adequate lighting? Will the partitions interfere with heating or cooling the space? Will ventilation be adequate when all the partitions are in place? Will electrical outlets still be distributed effectively?

Your plans may need to include re-routing such facilities, or you may need to modify your partition door arrangement.

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Partitions are generally supported by a building’s overhead structure. A check above the ceiling will need to be made to ensure there are no obstructions that will keep you from installing the partition.

This may be a task best left for design professionals. Alternatively, there are floor-supported movable partition doors that could be used. They aren’t affected by a building’s overhead structure.

Do you know how many partitions you will need, and their approximate size? This may not be as obvious as it might seem on the surface as the partitions are generally pre-manufactured and combinations or customizations may be required.

The type of activities that will be used in the room will determine how much soundproofing is necessary. Quiet activities may not need much acoustic isolation.

Activities with similar noise levels, such as a video gaming room and a ping pong table, might not need to be acoustically isolated. The higher the acoustical rating, the higher the price, so don’t seek more soundproofing than you need.

Also, high sound ratings are useless unless the room in which the partitions are installed share at least as high a sound rating. If sound isolation is important, you may want to consult an independent acoustician.

When installing movable partition doors, you also must consider how much storage space is available to put the doors away when they’re not in use. This seems obvious but is easy to overlook.

If there is not enough space in the room to store the partitions, consider storing them in a remote storage area.

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