Creating A Georgia Style To Your Patio

Creating A Georgia Style To Your Patio
by Christine Lane

There’s nothing like a relaxing Sunday afternoon on the patio. The gentle breeze blowing through the leaves, the lawn neatly cut flawlessly, and the sunshine kissing your face. The Georgian style makes a patio warm and inviting and can be a great place for peace and relaxation.

A Georgian patio like this is a modern day twist on the classic old wrap-around southern porch, such as you could see gracing historic American homes. The screens which would have surrounded the patio then have now given way to tempered glass, so you can have air conditioning, and your view isn’t marred by fly screens. If you have an older home, still with some or all of its original patio roof, it can be retro-fitted, or you can choose to remove the roofing and have a green house effect instead. You can choose to remodel just one side of the house, or even remodel the whole circumference.

When beginning your redecorating pay attention to the roof of the patio. If the roof is still the original or close to the original and it is still in tact you will be able to upgrade it while keeping the same Georgian look. Or you may want to consider a roof that is environment friendly. Now that your porch is enclosed you won’t need to worry about the rain and weather coming in so you can use the big fluffy pillows that you see in the movies.

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If your patio has an old wood floor you may want to try to resand it and stain it to make it look new again. You may also want to consider an area rug down. Look for an area rug that has heavy fiber to endure the traffic. Look for light colors with marvelous intricate patterns. Area rugs for indoor and outdoor use don’t have to be horrible to look at. You may even find an area rug that is produced from bamboo.

You want to be able to bring the garden inside a little bit so hang macrame hangers around the patio and outside so you can display beautiful pots of begonias that drape over the pot. You may also want to add several miniature pots of African Violets around the room. For tall plants you will want to consider Philodendrons or Palm trees.

Evening light is a good idea because you want to be able to relax while you are on the patio. Try using resessed lighting. It will not interfere with the natural sunlight and it will give you more lighting. If the sun is too much on your porch you may want to consider wood shutter blinds. Add some valences above the windows for even more color.

Now it’s time to find some pictures to go on the wall. Find pictures that color coordinate with the rest of the look. Look for pictures that offer two or three different colors all in one. You can pull the colors out of the pictures and pull them colors out to enhance the Georgian style.

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