89.3% of homes in the United States have issues with hard water, which refers to the dissolved mineral content of the water. Hard water can cause limescale, which is the left over mineral deposits in your water that build up in your pipes and appliances. Limescale build up contributes to the inefficiency of water-using appliances, which can significantly increase energy consumption. According to the US Department of Energy, as little as 1/32" of scale build up on a hot water heater or boiler can cause a 10% increase in energy usage. A 1/4" of build up can increase costs upwards of 40%. Limescale build up can also cause hot water heaters, swimming pool pumps and other appliances to prematurely stop working. Limescale can also clog pipes reducing the flow of water and can leave unsightly deposits on faucets, tile, toilet bowls and tubs.

Water hardness does depend on location, the source of the water and the water's exposure to sub-surface rocks and limestone. Wells and aquifers typically have the hardest water, although it is not unheard of for some public water supplies to have hard water as well. There are several options for determining water hardness, whether it be contacting your local water company or purchasing a simple to use water testing kit, like the one sold by www.amiservices.us .

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Treatments for addressing hard water are varied. Often, the solutions of choice are the use of filters, water softening agents or ion exchange units, which use sodium chloride or potassium chloride. These treatments require regular monitoring and are costly due to need for maintenance and the use of consumable parts. Additionally, these solutions should not be considered ecologically friendly due to concerns for the environmental impact from the use of chemicals and the discharge of brine water (sodium) into aquifers and accumulated waste in landfills from spent filters. Not to mention the fact that most of them waste gallons and gallons of water per day.

Today, being ecologically sensitive and using green products has become of the utmost importance across the globe. Magnetic and electrical signal devices offer a far more environmentally friendly means of eliminating hard water deposits, as there is no salt or chemicals to affect the ground water or plant life. AMI Services offers two such solutions for addressing hard water through the use of magnetic devices and devices that emit electrical signals directly into the water system. The Magnetizer and the Hydrocare HC-38 hard water treatment prevent limescale and reduce the damage associated with limescale, extending the life of standard home appliances and hot water systems by naturally softening the water through reduced surface tension. The Magnetizer and the Hydrocare HC-38 work on all types and sizes of pipes and installation for both is simple and do not require a plumber. Both are reliable, efficient and maintenance free with no consumable parts. While both the Magnetizer and the HydroCare HC-38 reduce energy costs, it is the Magnetizer hard water treatment that is a truly 'green' product, as it requires no power to operate.
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