What You Always Wanted To Know About Spa Covers

What You Always Wanted To Know About Spa Covers
by Wilma S. Brunswick

Buying the right spa cover will be determined by how you use your spa and where it is located. Two different covers are available, but each serves a purpose of its own. This is an important but fairly easy decision when you are shopping and asking questions.

There is one kind of cover that is really just a floating, insulating sheet produced from special plastic and is used to keep the water warm overnight. You often find these types of covers in B&Bs or hotels. It merely keeps the chill off the water and you can easily remove it and fold it.

The outdoor spas are protected by a sturdy cover which keeps the warmth in and debris out. If you are using your hot tub year round, you can use this as a permanent lid on your hot tub that you only remove when it is time to you use the spa.

This type of cover is permanent and hard. It includes superPlant Stuffb protection for the spa by keeping the leaves, small branches and pine cones out of the tub during inclement weather. They have heavy bars that can help you fold it over and snaps to keep it battened down in the storms.

One thing to consider is the quality. Spending a little more for good materials and insulating properties makes good sense. This cover will protect your spa from wood and leaves, branches and pine cones during a really heavy rain or ice storm.

Realizing how important safety is in the back yard of your residence, this sturdy cover should be kept snapped down to avoid unfortunate accidents with toddlers. Young children can climb and play where they shouldn’t. This is why a good cover and supervision of your hot tub is so important.

If your hot tub sits in a gazebo, it is more protected that sitting under the stars. Will the hot tub get a lot of sun during the summer or is it protected by a grove of trees? Considering that the fading factor of the cover is as important as considering how the residue of garden dirt affects the staining of the cover. Always use the proper cleaner for your cover. Forget trying to make it shine with those shining products. Those products cause deterioration over time and your investment needs the right kind of cleaning. Enjoy your spa for many years!

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