Floor Buffer Machines Makes Your Floors Beautiful

Floor Buffer Machines Makes Your Floors Beautiful

You can’t start the cleaning of your floors if you do not know what kind of flooring you have, so that is the first thing to do. There are surface sealed floors that do not require much maintenance, and if your floor is new, you probably have one of these already. If your floor is older, it is probably a penetrating seal treated floor. This type of floor needs more involved care with waxes and oils.

For cleaning hardwood floors, in the case of a surface sealed floor, you merely need to mop using a product recommended by your flooring manufacturer. Products that do not contain oil, like Oil Soap, are safe to be used. Some soap and one damp mop are a good solution for this floor tyoe. Make sure to dry the floor completely when you’re done, since sitting water can damage a surface sealed floor.

In case you have a penetrating seal floor in your home, you won’t be able to use water based products while mopping. You can instead use vacuum or sweep your floor. Old wax will have to be stripped and new coating will be added, so your floor can have deeper cleaning. You choose how many times you want to do this task, but once or twice a year is the usual number.

Stripper needs to be used and you should also make sure to follow the directions. Allow the hardwood floor to dry and try to ensure proper ventilation. Manufacturer will tell you what kind of wax you can buy to apply it on your floors. Read the instructions so you can properly apply the number of coats you wish for.

And at last, we have an important step to do, to use a electric floor scrubber. Wax has to seal the floor properly and give it a beautiful shine, so you will have to use this process for sure. Most people opt to rent or purchase a hardwood floor buffer machine, since it makes the job much easier. It’s good to know that a new wood floor buffer will simply pay for itself after you use it 3 to 4 times in your home.

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