Designing Space Around A Patio

Designing Space Around A Patio

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A little landscaping has to be done in order for your garden to look sharp. The same goes when you landscape around a teak patio so there is always something new to show to your guests.

Both hard and soft materials will be used. The soft ones are namely the plants, the shrubs and the trees. They can be placed on the exterior perimeter of the patio while you use hard materials such as brick, concrete, rock, stone and tiles inside.

So you have an idea what plants to buy later on, it is best to check the condition of the soil since this will determine what type of flowers will survive these conditions.

As a rule of thumb for landscaping around a patio, start working on the insides of the patio then make your way outwards.

When choosing an area for the patio, make sure that this will be done on a flat area of land. Once you have found it, you must first build forms to be able to add height to the patio perimeter. This is important to achieve the foundational support you will need later on. This should be done evenly up to your doorway.

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To prevent any incidents of tripping, you should smoothen the edges and make sure that there are no nails sticking out from the sides of the patio.

Once the forms have been completed for the patio, this is the time that you can add curves by using a bender board produced from plastic so it can be moved very easily. To keep these in place, you will have to add stakes every 12 to 18 inches.

When it is ready, this is time that you put the stones in. These should be placed one by one so everything will fit nicely into place.

Since the patio is now ready, those of you who want to make it look colorful should add flowers and shrubs along the walkway. You can use one color or mix this with several. The important thing is that it looks good.

Those who don't want to plant flowers around the patio can still add color by using potted plants. These pots can be purchased with various designs and colors from the store. The advantage of using this is that you can move them to different locations and during the winter, they can be placed indoors then brought out again during the spring.

For something to stand out all throughout the season, you may choose plants that bloom during different times of the year. Don't forget to consider the amount of sun that is required for each of them.

You should also get plants of different heights so there is a smooth transition from the patio all the way up to the house. If there are budget constraints, get the smaller ones since these are cheaper. It will just some time before they mature unlike the older plants that are almost ready to bloom.

For those who want to decorate, you should look into adding lattice patio covers.

Landscaping around the patio is no different than fixing one section of the house. Once you have a plan, it will be very easy to implement. If you are not happy, don't be afraid to make some changes so it will look better than it did before.

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