CCTV Security: It’s Everywhere

CCTV Security: It's Everywhere

Big Brother is watching you! Often bandied about in the media, the idea of pervasive surveillance is one many Americans object to, not realizing that it already is a part of the very fabric of our society. Appearing not only in the accepted banking, shopping and travel locations, closed-circuit tv (cctv) security has broadened its scope in recent years to view and record our actions at school, in government and even on the highway.

Improved technology has caused a great increase in the use of cctv security in recent years. Working in a “closed-circuit,” cctv allows surveillance that can be viewed on only monitors linked in that circuit, rather than broadcast to unlimited monitors. The Internet, with its IP (Internet Protocol) cameras, has broadened the concept of cctv to allow users with proper login information to view, run, or print higher quality cctv footage at any internet connection.

Americans are most familiar with the traditional surveillance capabilities of cctv security cameras and expect them in banks and stores. Many people, however, are surprised to learn that highways, stoplights and non-commercial locations utilize cctv security equipment as well. Even more people are unaware that the same technology that is “watching” them has also been an integral part of their daily living in making the production of our necessities and luxuries safer, more efficient, and less costly.

Home Security Monitoring Systems

Because higher-end cctv security can be rather expensive, many individual uses of cctv are smaller scale, including such equipment as the infamous “nanny-cam” type surveillance that allows parents to check up on the daycare provider in their home and general home security that varies with the value of the property it is protecting.

The entertainment industry has also capitalized on cctv security equipment with a twist, using a closed-circuit type surveillance to produce a show that is broadcast to a wide audience. Productions such as “Big Brother” depend on security cameras to record the show’s footage. Crime shows and “candid camera” shows also depend on cctv camera technology to provide entertainment for its viewers.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but is it the truth? With all the internet access and computer knowledge out there, how much can we trust the surveillance footage we get from cctv security. With the ease and prevalence of photo manipulation, we know we must always consider the reliability of the source when viewing a traditional image. The question of validity must be addressed as well when it comes to using cctv technology for its intended purposes, especially legal action.

In the world we find ourselves part of after 9/11, Americans must weigh the cost of security. Closed-circuit tv technology offers the possibility of all-encompassing surveillance and that possibility could go either way: smother our society or give us the peace of mind to simply live our lives.

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