Guide to Interior Design

Guide to Interior Design
by Robert Carlton

Lots of people want to learn about interior design, there are over 130 schools in north America alone which teach interior design. These schools are accredited by the foundation for interior design education research, this makes sure that the curriculum and policy is the same. All of these schools are quite difficult to get into, especially the best ones. There are many more schools that you could attend, however these do not have accreditation and so are not as widely accepted.

Choosing a school

Many students have completely different experiences after starting their courses than they may of believed. They don?t only learn about how to add touches to a room and manipulate the space. Interior design includes many more things, such as the stairs, walls and architectural components which may vary what you can do with the space.

The very best schools aren?t only going to focus on the skills that you need to become an interior designer. There are many different aspects of the courses which provide you with knowledge if you wanted to start your own business, you will be given information about marketing, promotion, drafting and many more from choosing flooring to kitchen cafe curtainHome Designs. The courses are very similar to a standard four year college course, you need to take a pre-requisite course before you can actually take the core classes.


Everybody wants to attend the best colleges, and so some of the best ones are getting more applicants applying each year, this is why it can be difficult to get into one of the well respected colleges. There are sometimes as many as a hundred students applying for a single place in a college.

The programs at all colleges will be limited by a number of factors, namely the number of teaching staff and the teaching space. There are so many students that deserve a place in one of these colleges that the going is tough. People often end up deciding based on portfolios which show what that person has managed to do during high school. To get in to one of these you have to differentiate yourself and make yourself unique.

The main reason for the increase in popularity of interior design as a career is due to the popularity of interior design shows on TV. You can?t just apply to one college and then sit back and wait, you have to apply to a number of different colleges in different states so that you can be sure to get accepted.

To get into the best schools you will need to compromise, you have to understand that you might be unable to get into the top school. You should ideally apply to the top six schools and hope to get into. Choose schools that you could be happy to attend, but don?t set your sights on one school.

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