The Britax Boulevard Car Seat Review

The Britax Boulevard Car Seat Review
by Martain Weber

If you are looking for ultimate safety and comfort for your child’s car seat and what parent wouldn’t be, then you really need to investigate the Britax line of car seats.

The Britax Boulevard is designed to accommodate children in a rear facing format from five to 35 pounds. In a forward facing configuration and will hold a one-year-old or someone that is 20 to 65 pounds. The Boulevard has deep side wings built into it to protect the child from the dangerous side impact that can come from a collision. These deep side wings are easily adjustable using a knob so that they can always be adjusted to be just right as your child grows.

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Not only is the Britax Boulevard safe it is also comfortable. The Boulevard provides many comfort pads placed just where they need to be to keep your child comfortable and safe. You will find the padding in the places you might expect them such as the headrest, shoulder belt, and in the integrated toddler pillow as well as the removable infant body pillow. Because this car seat is convertible and can last virtually the entire time your child will need a car seat it’s nice to know you can get car seat covers that are plush removable and washable. And should you want a fresh new look there are lots of add on car seat covers that you can get.

Other great safety characteristics include d in the Britax Boulevard are things like built-in vehicle belt lockouts. It’s these kinds of features that make the Boulevard easy to install while still maintaining incredible levels of safety and comfort for your child. In addition you will find things like the Vers-Tether system which is compatible with the newer vehicles that have the top tether points which helps prevent the car seat from tilting. Another feature of the Britax car seats is what they call the floating HUGS system which is designed to prevent undue head movement thus keeping your child’s neck and head safe during an impact. This is coupled with EPS protective foam which surrounds the child’s head and torso area to offer maximum safety.

The Britax Boulevard Convertible car seat gives you and your child peace of mind and comfort knowing that they are safe.

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