The Highest Level: Licensed Master Plumber

A licensed Master plumber is the to be achieved when seeking to become a . The only position ‘higher’ is that of a plumbing inspector, which ensures even more knowledge of the codes of plumbing in a particular city or county. A licensed Master has to go through several stages in order to reach that which takes at of working as a plumber under a Master plumber’s supervision.

Stages of Development

A licensed Master plumber had to begin his training in where there was a program to teach him the basis skills needed in the field of plumbing. During the program he had to take industrial math classes so that he would be able to make the critical calculations he needs every day on various jobs. He also had to take chemistry so that he would know what types of chemicals he was dealing with in various appliances, vents and pipes, such as which is used in hospitals but is also very dangerous. In addition, he learned how to read and also how to do so that he is now able to draw designs for complex in multi-story buildings.

The next stage a licensed Master plumber went through was that of an . plumbers have to work under either a Journeyman plumber or a Master plumber for at least four thousand hours in order to be eligible for the Tradesman licensing exam. Four thousand hours equals out to about two years working full time in the field under that direct supervision. This is the biggest training time for the plumber as he gets hands on experience and the knowledge of experienced plumbers.

After becoming a Tradesman plumber, the licensed Master plumber went on to study for four thousand more hours under a Journeyman or Master plumber in order to be eligible for a Journeyman exam. During this time he learned more about plumbing, including customer service and working with construction teams. He also began learning how to manage plumbers who did not have the experience that he did, such as new apprentice plumbers. The Journeyman exam usually has three parts to it: the written exam, the sanitary waste disposal and vent installation part which is hands on, and the shop work part where he demonstrates his skills with machines and materials.

After becoming a Journeyman plumber, the licensed Master plumber had to study for one more year under a Master plumber before taking the Master plumbing exam. The Master plumbing exam has an additional part that requires the designing of a multi-story building’s plumbing system. Once the exam is passed, the plumber is licensed as a Master plumber.

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