Elaborate Iranian Rugs

by Ed Gillespie

One industry thriving in both the East and West involves Oriental Rugs. Hand-made rugs originated as a home-based industry. More designs and varieties emerged along with machine-made rugs.

Beautiful But Expensive

From their first manufacture, Oriental rugs have been considered the best of the best. Due to the expense and quality associated, Oriental rugs have always been a “royal choice” and have decorated structures ranging from palaces to bungalows to high- residences. The rugs seem cast a magic spell with their majesty and uniqueness.


Oriental Rugs are woven in various regions such as Afghanistan, Iran, Nepal or Tibet, India, China, Pakistan, and the Caucasus. Each country displays its cultural beliefs in their own rugs.

Studying the Iranian rugs will allow us to amplify the differences. Persia was how this country was previously known. Therefore, Iran produces the Persian rugs and was responsible for the antique Persian rugs as well. The majority are large and awkward, yet beautiful. The earliest rugs were made of only sheep wool; subsequently synthetic fibers were also used. The majority of Persian rugs are priced on the high end.

The famous Oriental rugs in Western markets are made in Nepal and Tibet. Because they can easily be shifted from one to another, these rugs are considered to be flexible. They do not fail to attract people’s attention, though they may be simple in appearance.

Jaipur and Kashmir are the primary manufacturers of Indian rugs. Themes come from many sources including Pakistani art. Rugs from Afghanistan are often referred to as “war rugs” due to the common war themed patterns. Chinese rugs are loaded with unique art and symbols. The Caucasus region also weaves Oriental rugs.

From region to region, Oriental rugs may display specific patterns and themes which can add to their beauty. The rugs can have interesting designs that range from old to new. Oriental rugs’ more well-known brand names are AminCo, Feizy, Fette, Kalat, Lofty, Momeni, Nichols, Samad, Tamarian, Trans-Ocean, and 8 International.

New Trends

As the exporting of Oriental rugs grows, so does their detailed design, which is meeting the expectations of the marketplace and users. Oriental rugs are intentionally made to stand out and appeal to more people; that is what set them apart from other rugs.

Rugs are a good deal, even though they are costly. These rugs will be a lifetime investment though. Hence you will want to be sure your rug is an original by purchasing it from a reliable and honest dealer.

Oriental rugs can range from area rugs to classic oriental rugs and can be used anywhere in your home or office.

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