Inspecting An Old Home Is Funny

Most inspectors will agree that is a nightmarish experience to inspect and certify old homes, the ones that have been re-modelled and look great from exterior. And it does take a lot of effort on the part of inspectors to validate each and every thing including the structure, fittings and wiring in such homes.

If you ever get a chance to buy a home that looks awesome from the outside, but is older than your aunt then allow your home inspection company to grope through the entire property. To inspect an old home that has been recently re-modelled is one of the most rigorous and challenging tasks for a home inspector. Some of the challenges that he may face are related to the following factors.

1. Electrical Wiring may have worn off and it is possible that the insulation may have also degraded. Unearthing electric threats is one of the major tasks in an old home.

2. Detecting leaks in old homes is one of the toughest challenges for a home inspector. The major sewer leaks are never a problem. However, it is the smaller leaks that can be bit challenging because the seller will have made efforts to hide them behind cosmetic makeover.

3. Another aspect of inspection of a dilapidated home is to make sure that you validate the structural design and especially the significant strength factors like the beam etc. It is possible that during the course of long years, the beam may have got damaged, or it may have structural anomalies to warrant immediate remedial actions.

4. Bathrooms seem to be the ones where most action is. And a seller always polishes and repairs the bathroom to give it contemporary look. Behind that deceptive look may be small pipe bursts, concealed leaks and improper fittings. And a good home inspector will spend some time in a bathroom to really see and validate that the bathroom’s interior piping, fittings and sewage system do indeed match with its exterior.

A well experienced home inspector can detect many more concealed and damaged parts in homes. And at the end of the hard day of such works, a home inspector will return home as a satisfied and happy professional who helped a buyer make conscious decision to buy a certified home.

For challenging inspections, make sure you employ a certified Home Inspection Jacksonville company and let the qualified and certified Home Inspectors Jacksonville take good care of your business and new home.

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