Wainscot Adds that Special Wood Look

Wainscot Adds that Special Wood Look
by Robert Carlton

Wainscoting has been in high demand for so many years. It s something that many people are looking for in their homes.

Wainscoting is a type of paneling. It is usually used on the lower parts of walls inside homes and offices. It can be formed from wood or plastic. The actual definition of wainscoting is any type of paneling that you put up. Most of the styles are still very in demand today.

You can find wainscoting that is great for decorating your home. you will find different types and looks that will match your home d?cor. The materials that you want for this are going to vary and you will want to think about the look that you are trying to achieve.

Wainscoting can be different heights. It is usually going to be found on the bottom of walls and will run around the entire size for any room. some people like to use chair rail or border to accent their chair rail so that it is not so plain looking.

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Having the more traditional wainscoting is going to be a little bit higher up. This will usually go from forty eight to fifty four inches. It can protect and decorate the entire area. The taller type of wainscoting came from the mid nineteenth century. The style was tongue and groove and it went vertical on the wall. It is usually nailed on. This is something that was and still is very popular in many homes around the world.

There is an higher level of wainscot and this will be mostly found in dining areas. It is about sixty to seventy two inches. They are going to be kept separate by three inch molding.

There is a great history behind wainscot. There were good features and bad features with it. it does look good and matches many different home?s styles of what the homeowner wants. Some will have great elegance and can be a little on the costly side.

Many people like wainscot because it is durable. Kids can hit the walls and parents do not have to worry because the wainscot is very strong and you will not have marks on the walls. You will also not have to worry about handprints all over your walls. It will clean up easily with a wet cloth. It is easy to install and maintain as well.

This brand of material for your home is one that is very popular and a lot of people love the way it looks in their home. With the way it seems now, wainscot will be around for many more years to come.

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