The Best Features of Miter Saws

If you ever did some woodworking projects you know what a is. But if you don’t know how to choose one, here are some tips you might find useful.

General Purpose – The power is great for cutting smaller pieces of wood, cutting molding, or making accurate miter cuts. The most notable characteristics of the power miter is that the blade can be set by one-degree increments to make accurate angled cuts. These are the things you would know before buying one – if you need a tool that does those things and are willing to spend some money – get one.

Blade Changing Process – Make sure you change out a dull blade from the power miter saw to maintain clean and precise cuts and prevent potential accidents caused by a dull saw blade. In order to make it efficiently, choose the one with a fast and easy blade changing process.

Accessories – These accessories can include a vertical vise, extension wing and a triangular rule. The best miter saws also come with a dust port and a dust bag that you can attach to the port on the rear of the power tool.

Important – For example, The DeWALT DC817 is equipped with a powerful 12-amp motor that can spin the 40-tooth carbide tipped blade at 4,000 rpm. The also has an electric brake that is designed to stop the blade within seconds. This great saw also an electronically controlled soft start function that reduces recoil when you power on the tool. The DeWALT DC817 also maintains constant speed while operating so that the user can make smooth and accurate cuts. So, an electronic break, powerful motor and carbide tipped blades are all important .

Brand Names – From Japanese Hitachi and Makita to US DeWALT you can make your choice. These are all modern power tools delivering craftsmen some of the most innovative components in the industry.

Safety – I prefer the miter saw in combination with a cutting guide over a compound miter saw for ripping. Not only is it much safer, but I find with proper jigging, preciseness is improved as well.

Compound Miter Saw or Dual Bevel Miter Saw – Dual bevel compound miters saws are able to cut straight and horizontal angles, these are similar to a standard compound saw. These versatile power tools are also able to tilt in both directions which made them more versatile in making beveled edges. These power tools are much more versatile when compared to standard compound saws.

Thomas Swenson is a DeWALT woodworking tools expert who has had his carpentry shop in New York for 8 years. For more information on how to cut crown molding like a pro please visit professional woodworking tools.

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