What Are The Best Small Appliances For My Future Kitchen?

What Are The Best Small Appliances For My Future Kitchen?

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I’m moving into an apartment in a week, and am trying to plan what I should buy for it. The kitchen already has an oven, microwave, etc… so what I’m looking for are small appliances like a toaster, Foreman grill, and so on. I’m a rookie when it comes to kitchens, so I’m wondering what the most important, most versatile, and most cost effective appliances I can buy are. So far, I’m planning on a toaster, pressure cooker and an electric contract grill. What else should I get?

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4 Responses to “What Are The Best Small Appliances For My Future Kitchen?”

  1. f1ran1ky

    Kettle/coffee maker. it really depends on your lifestyle and what you like and dont like. Go to the shops and have a look around to see what you need

  2. DavidR

    You should consider starting with just the basics. Especially if you’re just starting out in a new place. You wouldn’t want to waste money on appliances you may never use (e.g. a Foreman grill…). This list is going to be different for everyone though but personally i like to cook
    My must haves would be:
    – toaster
    – kettle
    – stove top coffe pot
    – blender
    – weighing scales
    Next most handy:
    – rice cooker
    And if you’ve got room:
    – mixer (if you like baking etc)
    – food processor (i don’t use it often but useful when i do)
    I’ve never needed to use a pressure cooker but that’s just me ? I always use the oven grill as it gets the job fine

  3. bozobabe

    I would say that is good unless you cook alot, because in my house my small appliences ( foreman grill, quesadilla maker, waffle iron) get used for about 2 weeks and then never again. you will want your room for pots and pans and food, dont waste your money, microwave and a toaster is good ; )

  4. johnnyai

    I have friends who have a Foreman grill and use it constantly. It really depends on your lifestyle and eating/cooking habits. Pressure/slow cookers are great if you prepare stuff the night before or that morning and want a hot meal when you come home, like stew or chicken and dumplings, etc. If you really get into cooking, or plan on entertaining with meals, a really good food processor is a must. I would get a ktchen-aide or cuisinart. They are around $150, but are well worth the money to get a reliable brand with a warranty and reputation, as opposed to a cheaper model if you plan on doing a lot of cooking. If you like coffee, but are only making it for you and don’t drink much, there are numberous models of one and two cup brewing machines that brew the coffee straight into a tall stainless coffee cup. They are nice looking, and don’t take up a lot of space, and you don’t have to worry about breaking a glass coffee carafe. Smoothie makers are great too, an easy way to make a great snack or meal, and work ok for making margeritas as well. A good knife set is a must also, and you can get long magnetic strips to attatch to the wall, and the knifes hang on the strip, securely out of the way, but within easy reach. Also spending the money for a really nice, thick, quality stainless skillet or saute pan is a great investment. It will last for years, and you can scour the living daylights out of it if something burns it it. Avoid teflon (causes cancer and has been mandated to be phased out of use soon) and other cheap lined pans and pots, they won’t last long, and once the lining gets a scratch, you don’t know what type of metal is being leached into your foods. Another good idea is a trach compactor. If you pay for the volume of trash you throw out, they will save you money in the long run.

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