Should You Have A Wedding Registery If You Have Lived Together For 3 Years?

Should You Have A Wedding Registery If You Have Lived Together For 3 Years?

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we have lived together for 3 years (own a house) and we have everything we need, if we need something…we go and buy it. I guess we could upgrade a few things and get some more dust collectors haha but we dont really need anything. I dont know where to register or what to register for. I really just want money but its too tacky to come out and say it. What to do?

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  1. Mr. Taco

    My suggestion? Don’t ask for anything. People will give you stuff anyway, and being that you won’t have a registry, many will just give money because they don’t want to buy you anything you already have. In the end, you’ve been together three years. You really don’t need presents anyway. Any you do give will be a bonus, and you will not come across to your friends and family as being tacky OR greedy.
    Good luck!

  2. Avis B

    Why don’t you just list the items that you would like to upgrade and stop there. Let’s face it, if you have been living together for several years and own a home then people will realize that there are a lot of items that you just don’t need so they will probably give you cash as an alternative. And don’t be surprised if some people don’t give you a gift at all because “you already have everything.”
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  3. DigitalD

    No matter what you tell people about not needing or wanting gifts, many will still want to buy you something. So it’s best to register to help them in picking out something useful and that suits your taste. My fiance and I own a house too and have lived together for a year and a half, so we have a lot of things too. But honestly most of what we have is hand me downs from our relatives – so we are registering for lots of things that we can upgrade to new and matching items to replace our old and mismatched things. You can always use things like towels and bed sheets too. We have been putting off buying a lot of things that we could use but aren’t “urgent” needs because our wedding is next June and we are going to register for gifts soon and all our relatives keep asking us what we would like for the wedding … things like a new vacuum and a good set of knives, etc.

  4. thatwoul

    We’re in the same situation.. We have lived together and aside from wedding-ish things (fine china, etc) we don’t need anything. I am very close to my family and have just mentioned that money would be great for the honeymoon, but I definitely wouldn’t tell anyone outside of close family. Other than that, we aren’t making registries. We’re hoping people will just give money.

  5. Miss A

    Did common sense just go out the door with this generation of couples? You aren’t suppose to be expecting ANYTHING! Money, gifts, ETC is optional. Don’t register anywhere. Don’t mention money.
    Most people nowadays just put cash or checks in cards.
    I am so glad some people still know what etiquette is.

  6. RMD

    You should do a registry, but if you keep the list kind of short, people will get a feel for your taste, but will probably be more inclined to give you cash or non-registry items. Register at Williams-Sonoma and Crate & Barrel – they have beautiful items that you’ll enjoy receiving ?

  7. The Penguins Bowtie

    I suppose you should put the few things in the registry you need, and you can donate the rest to charity. Happy wedding.

  8. Snowflak

    Either getting a registry or asking money would both be so tacky. I think considering you’ve lived together already, that you have to just let them bring what they want.

  9. Anonymous

    i wouldnt register anywhere at all. when people come to your wedding they will be more likely to bring a card with money in it.

  10. Mrs. St. Evens

    I wouldn’t create a registry. People will just give you what they would like to that way.

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