A Gift U Always Get???

A Gift U Always Get???

A Reader Asks…

whats a gift u get every year by the same person/people over nd over… nd i hint or not even tell that u hate it nd u give it away or throw it away after they leave…
i always get these weird dust collector cat things…
uhg… i absolutly hate cats nd there so old lady lookin…

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7 Responses to “A Gift U Always Get???”

  1. ♥Baby New Year♥

    i dont do anything like that.
    i just let them collect dust in my basement, or give them away to the needy people as xmas presents.

  2. vajo

    Christmas socks, either with, candy canes, reindeer, Santa, wreaths, Christmas trees, poinsettias….etc. etc I still have one left…one sock that is, not a pair. I’m not sure where they “disappeared” too.

  3. Wy36

    I get a toothbrush in my stocking every year but i actually like that i get one

  4. je m'appelle Sasha

    My mom always puts fruit in my stocking!

  5. tinybubb

    My mother has bought me travel Scrabble the last three Christmas’, I called her in November and told her PPPPLLLEEEASE DON’T BUY ME ANOTHER SCRABBLE GAME, LOL

  6. Oh Me!!!

    Every year my mom gets each of us kids underwear but at least she has good taste so theyre atleast cute lol

  7. Po

    I don’t get gifts so don’t feel bad. Sucks.

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