Wii Endless Ocean & Wi-fi……comments?

Wii Endless Ocean & Wi-fi......comments?

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I’m looking for some good wi-fi compatible games for my kids. I found on the nintendo website that Endless Ocean uses wifi. I did not know this, and am pleasantly surprised. I have thought about buying this game in the past, and am very much interested now that it uses wifi. Could someone tell me how it uses wifi……like do you actually dive with people around the world, or what? Also, while I’m asking about Endless Ocean, I’ll go ahead and ask this……….Is this game compatible with the Wii Board?
Thank you all and any comments on the game in general would be appreciated! In financial times like these, I need to make sure that my money is being spent on something worthwhile, and not a dust collector. Thank you all so much!

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3 Responses to “Wii Endless Ocean & Wi-fi……comments?”

  1. Runescape player

    for wifi, you just swim around with other people that you added to your friendslist, or people around the world. and unfortunately no, the wii board (called the wii balance board) is not compatiable with it.

  2. cydonias

    super smash brothers brawl its rated 10/10 only a handfull of game have been rated that and it supports wifi or mabye guitar hero 3 and up hope it helps

  3. Yee X

    Angie, I love playing Endless Ocean.

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