Mom Gift Ideas…?

Mom Gift Ideas...?

A Reader Asks…

Would like something that says “Mom” on it; however, don’t want dust collectors (knick knacks, picture frames, wall art, coffee mug, etc.), jewelry, or candles. Would like a top, but not a t-shirt type top…..any ideas on shirts or any other gifts that say “Mom” on it?

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  1. Kmott

    Theres a sight called that has shirts and tops with different sayings and designs for mothers if that is what you are interested in. Its a cute sight I got something for my mom from there on mothers day. Hope that helps. :0)

  2. L.G.

    A.C. Moore crafts has throws at Christmas that have poems, etc. on them, and some are addressed to Moms. And, they’re practical; they’ll keep you warm while you watch TV.

  3. Girl with camera.

    You could make her a scrap book.

  4. stackers

    You can get a really nice necklace or bracelet that says “Mom”

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