Designing Interiors Of A Church? You Need to Know These!

by Adam Peters

A church is a holy place, where Christians come to pray and feel spiritually relaxed. The interiors of a church play a key role in spiritually uplifting the and the soul of an individual. There are some basic attributes of a church that are present in the churches worldwide. Even though a church is a holy place, the interiors have to be planned and designed carefully for the devotees, for a heavenly feel.

A church?s interiors demand for detailed work, from the ceiling to the floors. In earlier days, stained glass work was considered to be the biggest attribute of a church. They had a lot of importance. They were treasured. Even today, stained glass work is a big attraction, but is not considered as important as they were considered in the medieval times. Besides this, they have become really expensive.

Stations of the Cross are one of the most important attributes of the interiors of a church, which addresses to the people the story of the lord. Its priceless beauty carries a lot of importance for the devotees. Its unique, visual scenario tells tales of Lord Jesus. These stations relate to particular incidents that occurred in the life of Jesus. Some will also show peoples concern and devotion for Him. These stations can either be in the form of paintings, engravings, or sculptors made of metal or wood.

stations are spaced out and are the visual attractions on the walls. There are fourteen stations and each station is titled. For example, the first station is ?Christ condemned to death?, and the visual is that of Jesus being sentenced to death by the Romans. In some churches, these stations are either hung or painted on the walls, or are present in the form of stained glasses. These stations are the biggest attribute in catholic devotion, as these are present to the spirit of the devotees and remind them of their faith, their Lord and His pain.

The wine, the bread and us

Besides the stations of the church, the other important aspect of a church is the altar. Without an altar, a church is no church. An altar is a raised platform, referred to as the communion table. It is the place where religious offerings are made. An altar is either made of marble or wood. But in most of the churches, it is made of marble. Another important aspect of the interiors of a church is its tabernacle. It is either made of gold, silver or wood, and is elaborately decorated. It could be as small as a box or as big as a miniature form of a church. It could either opened by pulling the drawer or by stepping into it through a small door. It is usually placed behind the altar or somewhere beside the altar. It holds the bread and wine for the communion and in places, is also covered with a glass.

Another thing to lookout for in a church is the pew. This is the seating arrangement for the devotees who go to the church to pray. They are long seating arrangements with padded space for each, where one can kneel and pray. There is no individual seating in a church. usually rustic decorating ideas come to the rescue in these cases.

For more details on rustic decorating ideas.

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