Playing Golf With Your Nine-Iron

by John Bakers

Most golfers have a nine-iron in their golf bag, but perhaps many golfers do not know exactly what its intended used is. This is, probably, even more true for beginner golfers who are still trying to figure the use of every golf iron in their bag.

The nine-iron is not to be used if the ball is farther than 130 yards from the green. If it the ball is any further back, he or she would want to choose a seven-iron or eight-iron. Although the nine-iron does have a highly angled club head, for a regular golf iron, it simply does not get the you would get from a lofting, pitching, chipping or sand wedge. However, the nine-iron does offer more distance than the wedge clubs. This came in handy during my tour of the golf courses of La Manga , Spain.

At this point, those new to playing golf may ask why the nine-iron is even included in the golf bag. It is heavy enough as it is. The nine-iron does serve a purpose, though. It is a good short-range utility club that provides good elevation from the fairway back to the green. It can also be used to chip with and also works as a sand wedge in the event a sand wedge is needed but not available.

There are times when a nine-iron can be used as a substitute for the seven-iron or eight-iron. If the golfer finds him or herself 180 from the hole, a nine-iron can be used but with some extra thought. The golfer may want to consider intentionally blading the golf ball to gain some additional distance, though this would sacrifice some elevation. Such shots are sometimes required during a game since a seven-iron or eight-iron might be too much club for the distance. Of course, golf courses vary resulting in much depending on that course the obstacles the golfer may be facing for the shot in question.

For chipping within 100 yards, the nine-iron is one of the better clubs to choose. The golfer can get more elevation with the ball, yet cut the distance, if the ball is placed in back of his or her stance. Keeping his or her feet closer together makes it difficult for the golfer to strike the ball as hard which will result in the ball not flying the green (when a ball carries over the green when hit).

Additionally, the nine-iron is a good club if the golfer is playing a short par 3 hole which are as short as 100 yards on some golf courses. In fact, using anything more than a nine-iron will be too much. Stance is important here as since the golfer does not want to drive the ball too far. A closed stance in this case will help him or her limit the distance the ball travels, placing the ball further back in his or her stance will cause the ball to get faster. If struck correctly, the ball should fly perfectly onto the green, hopefully into the cup or at least close to it.

As you see, the nine-iron serves a good purpose is, certainly, a club to have in your bag!

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