Before Signing a Kitchen Remodeling Contract

by Clinton Maxwell

Just because you hire highly recommended kitchen remodeling contractor does not mean you should give your contractor free reign on how to remodel your kitchen. Yes, your contractor does know more about kitchen remodeling than you do, but this is your kitchen. You are the one who will live with the final results which is reason enough for you to get involved, at least in the planning and kitchen design stages. Your preferences, needs and tastes differ from those of the contractor so it is best for you to provide the contractor with some ideas to be sure you end up with a good-looking kitchen that suits your needs and tastes.

Before signing contract, be sure you meet with the contractor in-person. Although most transactions can be done on the phone or by email today, when it comes to your kitchen, it is always recommended to meet with the contractor to be sure you get what you want. In fact, most contractors prefer to meet and know their clients and their personal preferences before starting the project so it would be best for everyone that you spend the small amount of time required and meet with the contractor.

Request that the contractor meet you at your home so that he or she can personally see your kitchen?s current condition. Yes, you will need to bring the contractor inside your home. Meeting outside is pointless unless you will be remodeling the exterior to your home. Always remember that when it comes to kitchen remodeling, there is no substitute to an in-person inspection. Photos are limited in what they can tell the contractor so do not rely on giving pictures to your contractor as the way to get what you need in your kitchen. Pictures do not give the exact dimension of your kitchen space, for instance.

Also, be sure to discuss the cost of the entire kitchen remodeling project during your meeting. Keep in mind, though, that the contractor may only be able to provide you with very rough estimate during the first meeting. Give him or her a few days to create a more detailed and accurate estimate. You should also ask the contractor to give you an estimated timeframe on how long the remodeling project will take from start to finish. This is important for your planning purposes, mainly, so you will have an idea as to what to expect during the construction process and how long it will last.

Of course, you should be entirely comfortable with the contractor you hire. Do not select contractor simply because you do not want to start the process again. Being comfortable and confident with your selection is important. For this reason, it is always recommended to ask the contractor for references or information for previous customers so that you can speak with them to determine their satisfaction with the contractor?s work. Once you have met with the contractor, all of the details have been discussed and their references have been checked, go ahead and ask the contractor to write up a construction contract. You are now on your way to a new kitchen!

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