Remodeling for a Glorious Combo of Charm and Functionality

by Vince Paxton

Kitchens and bathrooms serve the same purpose for everyone, regardless of location. The personal touches make these rooms distinct from others, not the functional details. Because these two rooms generally receive the most use, they should reflect both the homeowner and location. In addition to the already challenging aspects of kitchen remodeling, Cincinnati offers some unique renovation challenges due to the many older homes found within this city.

Cincinnati offers kitchen remodeling concepts that may not fit well in other locations such as sports or river-related themes thanks to its riverfront reputation. If the homeowner does not want the remodeling to replicate a landmark or activity of the city, they could always turn their kitchen remodeling into a beach scene by painting the kitchen to look like a cabana.

However, the rich history of river trade in the city and its close proximity to Kentucky result in a variety of unique themes that can fit well in kitchen remodeling designs. Contractors in Cincinnati have experienced many different types of remodeling jobs allowing them to help the homeowner decide in a direction ensuring the remodeling project meets the homeowners needs and personality.

Cincinnati is has many older homes where utility was placed as a priority over design and style which, in turn, can be one of the greatest challenges for anyone involved in the remodeling project. Turning area originally built for function into one that matches in charm and ambience in the rest of the home is a challenging task, yet one that can result in excellent results if done properly. However, an experienced and creative contractor or designer can make it happen and turn the functional room into a glorious combination of charm and utility.

As with most areas of the country, kitchen remodeling in Cincinnati is an instant boost to the homes overall resale value. Of the three areas of a prospective buyer pays attention to-kitchen, bathroom and the heating and cooling system-the kitchen is a great first choice for improving the homes overall look and value so that a higher can be demanded in the event of a sale down the road. Even if selling is not on the list of possibilities anytime soon, upgrading the kitchen area can make life easier and more enjoyable for as long as the home is owned.

Regardless of the kitchens size, additional is usually a much needed improvement as well as extra seating for occasional use. One idea is to place a bench along one wall to be used for occasional seating while the space beneath the bench can be used as the ongoing need for additional storage space. This idea can be used whether your home is in Cincinnati or not since insufficient space for seating or storage is one of the more common complaints among homeowners.

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