A Succinct Inauguration To The Under Floor Heating Procedures

A  Succinct  Inauguration To The Under Floor Heating  Procedures

What is electric underfloor heating?

Mostly all underfloor heating systems, be it 'dry' or 'wet', works almost in the alike fashion. The heat energy that is created by warm water flows through pipes, mats, electric heating cables, below the floor.

An electric under floor heating system not only offers comfortable circumstances at low air temperature, but it is also reasonable and energy efficient.

Types of under floor heating

There are two major kinds of under floor heating system i.e. 'Dry' and 'Wet'. Let us argue about the two.

The Wet under floor heating systems circulates warm and not hot water at a temperature of around 50 degree Celsius. This system is much cooler than a usual radiator, which engenders a temperature of 80 degree Celsius or 90 degree Celsius.

A Wet heating method in comparison to a usual l radiator system is 30 percent more efficient as well as economical. In addition this, it doesn't even occupy your home's wall or floor space permitting you to position your favourite furniture the way you want.


The Dry under floor heating procedures or the electric heating methods are available in the form of basic heating cables. At times, it woven loosely into ribbons, cables, mesh mats or heating films.

On the whole, a dry heating procedure allows your room to reach the necessary temperature faster than any other forms of heating system. But the only difficulty of this method is that, it can be anything upto 40 percent more expensive than a wet heating system.

Fitting the under floor heating devices

The pipe work i.e. installed under the floor these days is typically high quality. For installing the under floor systems, PEX (that is the generic name for polythelene) and Alupex (that is a five layer composite of PEX as well as aluminium) are used.

These popular materials ensure that there is no risk of escaping from joints.

You can benefit the electric heating procedures online, but always select for the services of a company that recommends skilled electricians so that they can efficiently join he mats or cables to the main electric supply.

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