How to prevent your palm trees from getting diseases

How to prevent your palm trees from getting diseases

One tree that is very popular among a lot of people to plant for their yards are the palm trees. People love how they look and they can really enhance a garden. But what people don’t realize is that some palm trees don’t grow well in every area.The reason for this is mostly because of the climate.Often the areas that are colder will make it harder for palm trees to grow. But you can still grow palm trees if you know how to care for them. In this article we will go over a couple of things you need to do to care for them.

First of all some palm trees like the foxtail palms in colder climates develop fungal diseases. This is mainly due to the roots getting to much water.The most effective way of avoidance is making sure to plant only in areas that are warmer.But if it is something you can’t avoid and you still want to grow it, make sure the soil is drained.That is the most effective method in preventing this disease from happening.

Another type of disease that affects palms such as the coconut palm tree are leaf blight.This is where you have spots on the leaf that are yellow or brown.This will start to kill the leaves as it spreads throughout the palm.The way that works best is to make sure you prune all the areas that are affected.Also something else you can do is give it more iron and apply some fungicide. Lack of iron is one of the reasons for it so adding that nutrient will help.

Finally most palm trees get diseases from overwatering.On a few occasions what happens is poor drainage causes the water to become trapped in the soil.This will be the reason for a lot of disease happening. So if you are looking to buy palm trees keep this things in mind.If you make sure to do these things your palm trees will last a long time and look beautiful.It isn’t a pleasant thing to have happen when your palm dies because of diseases.

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