How To Build A Pond In Your Backyard

How To Build A Pond In Your Backyard

The warm summer weather draws people into the backyard. At first it is to prepare the garden for the coming summer and to tidy up after the long winter. When the garden is tidy it will be ready for barbecues and picnics with family and parties in the garden parties that are always popular during summer.

If your garden is ready for an overhaul, why not build a garden pond. If you are unsure about how to build a pond you will soon discover that with some preparation and planning, you can build a garden pond in a weekend. Your garden can be transformed from ordinary to extraordinary with this easy addition.

A Garden Pond Offers A Peaceful Haven

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Running water provides a sound that is recommended for its soothing qualities and its ability to refresh and to calm the soul. If you close your eyes you can imagine the sounds of a running stream, as you sit on the bank with your toes being tickled by the water as it rushes by; you are surrounded by the sounds of nature and the water as it flows past. This image of peace and tranquility is stimulated by the familiarity of the sounds of the water. By building your own pond you can experience this joy every day.

Fish Pond Design And Location

When you plan the location for your new pond, try to choose a place that won’t receive too many falling leaves or one that is too low lying. If your garden is on a deep block of land you could choose a location at the end of a winding path to draw people through the garden to the sound of a waterfall. In a more urban area you may choose a location close to the house so that you can hear the sounds of the pond from inside the house.

Other Creatures Can Benefit From Your Garden Pond Design

There are other benefits in addition to the calming effects that your garden pond design will provide; the wonders of nature may also become available to you. A garden pond provides not only an oasis for humans but also for small animals and water creatures. Don’t be surprised if your new garden pond attracts frogs, song birds, turtles and other amphibians. You can also consider adding fish to a pond. Brightly colored fish with their colors of gold, yellow, black and white provide a brilliant contrast to the dark waters of the pond and the deep greens of aquatic plants.

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