Making Sure Everything Has Its Place

Making Sure Everything Has Its Place

Making sure everything has its place these days is almost essential if one wants to keep everything that ends up in one’s life from completely overwhelming one’s ability to keep what’s important from being buried by what’s pretty much not important. For sure, we all have things that we prize or treasure, and keeping those around and getting rid of the stuff we don’t need is probably highly recommended.

As an example, consider that full face helmet that we have out in the garage that once belonged to a very nice motorcycle that we owned. Unfortunately that bike was sold off long ago but for some reason we just don’t want to see the helmet gone. We don’t really know why we keep it around but it would appear to be fulfilling some sort of need that we have, which can be somewhat difficult to explain in some cases.

In the animal kingdom there is a species of rodent known as a packrat. We have to take particular care that we don’t begin imitating some of its collector-type behaviors in our own lives. In many cases, these behaviors can develop without our even being aware of it. However, understanding that we’re turning into little packrats can be a good first step towards reordering our lives toward what’s more important.

So then, what can we do to begin that reordering? Well, we can always start by investing in a fewDo It Yourself Project home storage shelves and then putting up the things that we know we really need so that we can begin to separate out those things that we no longer need or want. It’s been estimated that up to 70% of everything that we’ve collected around us is actually stuff we don’t really need, though it’s most likely stuff that we certainly wanted.

Now this isn’t to say that anything being discussed here is bad, because it isn’t. Certainly, something like an Epiphone electric guitar isn’t a bad thing, and many a boy or young man has probably happily played one, though it’s also the case that many of them are now gathering dust because those same men or boys have moved on to other things, making the guitar a candidate for a likely garage sale.

And that’s just the way of things, it seems. We have a lot of stuff but we oftentimes don’t have enough places in which to put that stuff. It helps clutter our lives and it many times also prevents us from seeing what’s important and what’s not. When we begin to focus excessively on all of that stuff, we tend to miss focusing on important things like relationships and whatnot.

In the end, making sure everything has its place is a quality first step towards making sure your life will eventually have purpose and meaning. Being able to get rid of things that are just cluttering up that life will become a necessity at one point or another in just about everyone’s future, especially if they themselves have done nothing but fill their life with things they wanted which they really didn’t need.

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