Add A Zing To Your Patio- Put Up A Bright Patio Umbrella

If you are considering the option of converting your into a comfortable place where you can spend your free time then maybe you should give a thought to adding a as well. Apart from the patio furniture, form an essential patio element that protects you from sun and wind. You will have multiple options in selecting your patio umbrella. If you want to opt for a portable patio umbrella then you should choose umbrellas that have a movable base or can be attached to a stand. If you have a fixed place for the patio umbrella then you can go for umbrellas that are permanently fixed to the ground.

To find out about the patio umbrellas you can browse the net. Over the net you will find detailed description of the umbrella stands as well as where you can find them. In fact the manufacturers of the stand offer you wide variety to choose from as per your requirement. You can easily get the portable patio umbrella stands in any of the following places.
–    Departmental stores
–    Improvement stores
–    Super markets
–    Hypermarkets, etc.   

By the external appearance, the portable patio umbrella stands look pots and they are filled with water or sand. In some instances, the portable patio umbrella stands may also be filled with decorative material. The main point here is that the portable patio umbrella stand needs to be heavy. If the portable patio umbrella stands are light in weight, the patio umbrellas will be blown away in the wind and it can also cause great harm to any person.

A broad base and a wider surface area of the patio umbrella stands ensure that they are firm. While buying such stands make sure that the clamps are of good quality and are strong. Both these factors are extremely essential in keeping your patio umbrella in place and will help the umbrella to be in its place and will allow it to get blown away by wind.

One more important addition to your patio is outdoor heaters. They will help you keep warm in winters as the outdoors will be chilly. In the countries that have low temperature people often does not use their patio as they re cold and not comfortable enough to sit and enjoy. But the addition of simple patio heater can change the complete ambience of the place and you can even use your patio to throw a party or arrange a get together and your guests will not feel cold either. Always make sure that you patio elements that can easily be shifted so that you are not inconvenienced in case there is  a sudden shower or snowfall.

There are many styles and shapes of the patio umbrellas that are available in the market these days. Most of the umbrellas that are marketed today have the feature of articulation which means that it has an extra tilt for the setting sun rays. Although the articulation feature is very good, it sometimes puts undue pressure on the anchoring system. The old fashioned wooden patio umbrellas are still in fashion and they give a very elegant look to the patio.

Want to give your patio a light hearted look? Why not go for colored floral prints then? The colors of flowers will make the place look and will give a jovial feel. So if you are in the mood to just relax and have a good time in your patio then go for broad canopied umbrellas. Well, it is not only important to chose the perfect looking umbrella but care should be taken that they are UV resistant so that they do not damage your skin if exposed for a long time to the sun. Though the first and foremost purpose of the patio umbrella is to provide you shade but some of the canopy fabric are not 100% UV resistant and prolonged exposure can cause damage to your skin to some extent.

The canopy fabric that are totally UV resistant are slightly more expensive than the general canopy fabric but if you are health conscious then it’s time to make a conscious effort to select the best for you. After all it is your health and you are responsible for your well being. Canopies that have solid colors are often more effective in being UV resistant.

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