Keeping Your Clutter To A Minimum

Keeping Your Clutter To A Minimum

No matter how hard you try to keep your house free of clutter, everyone struggles wit it now and then. Clutter is a part of life. It takes a lot of vigilance to keep on top of your possessions, especially in today’s consumerist society.

If you have a large household, and especially if your household includes children, the chances that you have a problem with clutter are even greater. More people produce more mess. The reason for this is that the more people in your house, the more things they are constantly bringing in. The trick is to try and get rid of things as quickly and in the same proportions as new things are brought in. Here are some ideas for doing just that.

Keep Your Drawers Clean

Whether in your kitchen, an end table in the den, or your bedroom, chances are that every house has at least one drawer that serves as a black hole. It might be called a junk drawer or a hardware drawer or have no name at all, but it usually contains lots of useless items. There may be completely defunct matches, a broken old black sport watcDo It Yourself Projecth, or batteries that haven’t worked in years. If you have drawers like this in your home, you should clean them out at least twice a year, and purchase dividers to organize the contents. That way, you make room for new items and you know what you have.

Donate Items You Don’t Need

If your daughter is fifteen and you still have her Disney baby bedding, it is time to give some things away. You may have bags in the attic of clothing that has not been worn for years, or toys collecting dust on a shelf in the basement. Although we often feel sentimental ties to these items, they can be much more beneficial to people who can actually make use of them. If you know a family with a small child, hand down these items to that family. Otherwise, give them to the Goodwill or the Salvation Army. You will reduce the clutter in your home while helping others to save money.

Find Storage For Sports Equipment

Most sports equipment is only used during one or two seasons. You don’t need sleds or snow boots in the summertime. In the winter, you can store away your daughter’s bicycle and black helmet, or your son’s rollerblades. Make room in the basement, the attic, or, if you have one, the garage, and hide things away until the time of year when you will use them.

If you’re just getting started ridding your house of clutter, you may have years of it built up. Begin by spending a weekend clearing out your house. Then, slowly start to implement ideas like these to help you gain power over your stuff!

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