VirDSE Hand Tool – VR Operability Verification System : DigInfo

DigInfo – 2010 Asahi Electronics VirDSE Hand Tool
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11 Responses to “VirDSE Hand Tool – VR Operability Verification System : DigInfo”

  1. kizahd

    For the VR games Vegas has a 2D tredmil,l looks cool.

  2. Random1765

    @gordon1201 I don’t think it does and I doubt the software could handle it… The FPS were low and it was lagging with very simple colors/ shades/ shapes. But that could all simply depend on the Computer its connected too.

  3. Random1765

    wow..the graphics are so bad, yet there is alot of lag and low frames per second…I wonder what pc is hooked up to this device and software. Buying the thing didn’t seem too cheap either.

  4. funnygames93

    It would be cool to play games in such ways… Adventures or shooter especially… ?

  5. gordon1201

    Maybe I missed it in the video, but do those goggles provide a stereoscopic effect?

  6. jayrellz

    I hope all this crap gets put to good use.

  7. OGdank13

    i wont be happy until i have a contact in my eye that puts VR in my everyday life

  8. sourav777

    Did some1 say ‘porn’? ?

  9. myshoescramp

    quit lying we all know you just want to play games on it ?

  10. SteJVideo

    I’d imagin this could be useful for architectural design as well. Like you could get a better feel for the building if you actually saw yourself walking around the computer model, and then you could make changes as you see them. It would definitely be more fun than sitting at the computer anyway.

  11. MutantKush

    Make a good VR game hurry the fuck up

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